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There will be scumbags in charge of Scotland however this vote goes – that’s a given. National self determination is an impossibility, only as a class can we self determine in any meaningful way. The day after independence day will be a work day, a dependence day, a wage dependence day just like any other.

Still, there is something deeply insidious about the arguments for voting No which have surfaced during this campaign. It’s been interesting watching commentators attempt to suggest that we should be proud of our “shared history” without ever naming the central project of that history – the British Empire. Are we supposed to be proud of the legacy of white supremacist capitalism we enforced by warfare and starvation upon this planet? The consensus from all major political parties seems to be yes. The fact is that the idea of being “proud” of British history is racist in itself, and an insult to the people still suffering from its legacy. Shame would be a more reasonable emotion.

For me the empire has been the unspoken, unnamed monster in the room of this whole referendum thing – underlined by the fact that the single largest No rally was an Orange Walk, which was oddly spun as some sort of fringe element. 15,000 people isn’t a fringe, that’s your grassroots. I think this is something worth voting to draw a line under. We can’t get meaningfully forward as a class by changing the state we live in, but we can get that union jack in the bin where it belongs. It is just symbolic, but I think there’s value in showing the world how little this symbol of international racist, capitalism now means to us and having something different. It won’t be “good”, but it won’t be that.

Childless SNP chiefs have 'no feel for UK family' it is claimed

SNP leaders were, in fact, hatched from eggs under laboratory conditions, probably by al-qaeda, say sources close to the daily mail 


One year ago yesterday, Killah P was taken from us by Golden Dawn fascist scum.  Never forget, never forgive!


There has been a 30%+ turnout by 10am (3 hours after polling stations opened) in working class where the total turnout for previous elections was about 25%.

Do you think they would be showing up if nothing was going to change?

This is why we can win today. People have a voice that can lead to real change for the first time in their life.

Ipsos mori are predicting a 95% turnout.

They sometimes have lower turnouts than that here in Australia, where voting is compulsory

Also - the higher the turnout, the less accurate the polls. There is no just way of accurately predicting how a 95% turnout will vote.

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i’m tired of communism/leftism being a social group and not a threat

insurrectionary anarchism. Just sayin’.

what did i just say about being a threat tho

Insurrectionary anarchism in Bristol brought us a blown up kiddies bus. Now THATS class struggle.

Insurrectionists actually think they are a threat? ffs

and not a social group either… hmmm

Labour party placards and nazi salutes eh?
the dustbin of history beckons

Labour party placards and nazi salutes eh?

the dustbin of history beckons

Anonymous asked: G.D.H. Cole?

Didn’t you send me this exact ask a while ago?

If that answer wasn’t what you were looking for, I did ask you to “give us a bit more to go on next time”…. 

"The only thing more predictable than riots in the United States’ dilapidated cities is the outpouring of moralizing pseudo-explanations that accompany them. In this, as in so much else, Ferguson has been no exception. Between riffs on the venerable trope of “outside agitators,” commentators groping for an explanation of the uprising have seized on another, equally well-established mythology: the idea of a culture of poverty among black Americans."

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just rewatched Pulp Fiction, was again reminded that far and away my favourite character in that film is Esmeralda Villalobos:

"what does it feel like to kill a man with your bare hands?"

hehe she’s awesome

Batallón Rosa Luxemburgo, España 1936

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Ukraine MP thrown into a bin by angry mob





Frats are the worst, this is happening at Carleton University today.

protip never go to university

Wow. Well, I guess at least they’re wearing advertisements that say “I’m a [potential] rapist.”

Screw potential. You wear a shirt like that, you are saying you don’t believe women have the right to feel safe and you want everyone, including rape victims, to know that you feel that way. That may not be assault, but it is pretty damn close.

I think if I was to attack a frat boy wearing that T shirt, I could make a pretty decent case in court that their choice of clothing meant they were ‘asking for it’

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"Border Patrol officers working during the post-wetback era often described their focus upon policing Mexican nationals as a “mind-set.” recounting a 1957 raid in the sacramento, California, area Border Patrol officer ralph Williams explained that “we went in a bar and … we cleaned the bar out … except for one albino.” Williams had walked right by the albino and intended to leave him sitting there, until another officer asked, “What about this guy here?” in a crude example of the very narrow intersection of class, color, and national origins that U.S. Border Patrol officers policed, Williams responded “Ah, hell, he’s just an albino!” Like many other officers, Williams had narrowly focused his suspicions upon brown-skinned Mexicanos. His colleague, however, wondered, “An albino in here with a bunch of Mexicans?” and walked up to the man. “Where are you from?” he asked, and when the albino answered “I’m from Mexico,” he was quickly arrested for illegal entry into the United states. Many years later, Williams was still amused by the incident and laughed about how “we caught us an albino wetback.” The idea of a white skinned illegal was ludicrous and illogical to Williams, who admitted that “i think i would have passed him up, as i recall."

— Kelly Lytle Hernandez. Migra! : a history of the U.S. Border Patrol 

I’m reading about borders and exclusion in the US, did you guys know that at one point they took the very same sections of fence that were used to intern Japanese people in camps, and used them to construct a barrier on the Mexican border? The literal same physical pieces of fixed capital.