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Back the frak up, did Dr. Ron Paul just come out as an anarchist?



In his recent farewell speech. His rhetoric and values strongly implies he agrees with Murray Rothbard, Lew Rockwell, and other famous anarcho-capitalists (who he happens to have had good relations with and cites regularly in his published work!).

In any case, he’s absolutely an ally. He’s even came out in support of anarchy, feeling it’s a legitimate option. 

Anarcho-capitalism isn’t anarchism, so no, he didn’t come out as an anarchist or an ally.


Please tell me someone has a quote from Ron Paul coming “out in support of anarchy” I’ve had very little sleep and could use a laugh…

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  1. ernestsewell said: At best he’d be a min-anarchist.
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    "Anarcho capitalism isn’t anarchism"
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    capitalism is a system of hierarchy, one of the big pillars of hierarchy. anarcho-capitalism was even described later by...
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